The Art of Google Street View

This Project was born within the art class „Let’s get lost – waisting time on the internet“ in the university of cologne, Germany. Inspired by the artwork „9-eyes (2009, ongoing)“ from artist „Jon Rafman“ we took a closer look into the world of Google Street View and created an event for our fellow students where they got lost in the real-digital world. While the event we named them some dangerous places, they normally would not or even can’t travel to (because of crime, contamination etc.). In this case Google Street View offers us a safety position behind our screens to shoot with our „screenshot-cameras“ these dangerous places. How do these kind of spots look to you? Maybe, you want to travel on your own? Can you find some more interesting places, people, buildings…etc.?! Feel free to share it to the world, by contacting us!

 Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Fukushima, Japan

Camden, New Jersey, USA

Huà Shan, China

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Mixed Journey

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